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Board Minutes

Approved Board Minutes - June 7, 2016

MSAD Board Meeting June 7, 2016 in Framingham, Massachusetts

Submitted by Secretary, LeWana Clark


MSAD Board Meeting

June 7, 2016 in Framingham, Massachusetts

Submitted by Secretary, LeWana Clark


6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Advocates, 1881 Worcester Road, Framingham, Massachusetts





  • President: Andrew Veith


  • Vice-President of Operations: Katherine Lees


  • Vice-President of Public Relations: Stephanie Hakulin


  • Treasurer: Branic Keltz



  • Secretary: LeWana Clark


Elected Members



  • Michelle Dunn


  • Jonathon LeJeune


  • Lena Laferriere


  • Sean O’Brien


  • Joe Toledo


  • Ashley Thompson






  • BJ Wood



CALL TO ORDER at 6:47 pm


Approval of Board Meeting minutes from 03/05/2016

  • Approved




President Report

  • I have been attending The Learning Center for the Deaf's sporting events and meeting with many of parents, teachers and children. It was great to be part of that community.
  • Deaf Grassroots Movement (DGM) has kept many of us busy for the past few months.
  • BJ Wood has been holding down the Legislative fort by being the point of contact and helping many people understand the legislative system. She has taught individuals how to lobby and talking with legislators why it's important to have MCDHH.
  • DGM is interested in an on-going relationship with MSAD. We will talk about this later.
  • DEAF, Inc. is other place I often visit to discuss potential ideas. One idea is for MSAD to use office space in their building. We’ve also been helping to plan their 40th Anniversary Gala.
  • I was invited to speak at MPS (Marie Philip School) but unfortunately, I had to cancel it and will reschedule.
  • Upcoming meetings/events include DPC and NEHD.
  • I'm also pushing to get things done: resolve our financial situation, restore our 501c3 status and begin LEAD-K activities here in Massachusetts.
  • A number of community members have asked for information or advocacy assistance and I’ve responded to their requests.
  • I will call the Executive Committee together soon to begin working on the MSAD Plan of Action. Michelle Dunn and Sean O’Brien will join as Board members.


Vice-president Operations Report

  • I’ve attended multiple independent living meetings and hearings to gain a better understanding on what and how much of the MCDHH budget is needed to at least heal the deficiency of the clients (not enrich them at this point, just yet)
  • Deaf Grassroots Movement was a very successful event from the Deaf community's 'side' and we all did our best and proved to the rest of the United States that yet again, we have the biggest and most active number of Deaf people. News/Media Outlets disappointed us at this event. 
  • I have been talking a lot with interpreters and they are all very interested in being more involved with MSAD as there's a new stream of members and board members. They are 're-motivated' and they actually asked if there was any chapter or section that we would consider for Interpreters. Very glad to be involved of this potential growth to MSAD. 
  • As events have been requested to have MSAD as an organization to be present, we are selecting only one or two people to be present. I have been working on a better centralized system where if an organization wants MSAD to be present they can contact a POC and then we all can decide who will be present from MSAD. 
  • I also have been working deliberately on recruiting people for the committees that we all have graciously created to maintain the fundamental actions that the community wants from us. I have made all interested members excel so we all can have access to who is interested in what and perhaps become a chairperson. 
    • Important that each committee have a written action plan so everyone knows what they are expected to do and we can see if they are doing what we need them to do.
  • I have formed the Policy and Procedures Guidelines committee and will be wrapping up the PPG to pass on to Bylaws committee to have it ready to present to our general public. Proposed bylaws must be sent to members at least 60 days prior to general meeting.


Vice-president Community Relations Report

  • Working with Carol Hillbok planning the DEAF, Inc. annual picnic. MSAD will contribute supplies (tables, grill, T-shirts, etc.).
  • Still trying to connect with Western Mass people to arrange a meeting on August 20, 2016.
  • Need ideas for meeting place for our fall general meeting/picnic on September 24, 2016.


Treasurer Report

  • Previous administration lost MSAD’s 501c3 status because they did not file taxes for the past 5 years.  We also lost our Sears Endowment. There is a major domino effect on trying to push our organization forward and at the same time cleaning up the “old mess”.
  • I’ve asked the board to use DeafTax as our vendor/bookkeeper to straight out the financial mess we are in and reinstate our 501c3.  DeafTax and I are working closely on the pricing on how much it will cost to clean all of it up.
  • Other than that we are doing great!  Can’t believe we have over 500 members from DGM event and be aware that this membership ends this September.  Since we have a large number of members, we M-U-S-T “sweat hard” to keep each of them as our active members soon when the free member ends.
  • We need to change names on the PayPal account so I can access to those who donate thru  Secretary Clark has been forwarding me the emails of donations but I still need the access and the ability to take out the funds and into MSAD general account. 
  • Looking for members to join the Finance Committee.
  • Current Banking Statement as of 6/7/16:
    • MSAD General Account: $4,912.01
    • MSAD Convention Account: $7,761.45** (see below)
    • Major Breakdowns:
      • DGM Event: Shirt: $2,478.56
      • Recurring expenses:
        • Post Office: P.O. Box
        • Storage: $374.85 quarterly. (Next payment is August, 2016.)
        • QuickBooks online: $10.63 monthly
      • Expenses:
        • **NAD expenses will be paid out of the MSAD Convention account**
          • 6 Delegates
          • NAD flight: $300 per head for total of $1,800
          • (Pending) NAD conference hotel rooms:  3 rooms, 6 nights =$2,502 (excluding taxes/fee). 
          • NHAD will share one room and will pay 50/50 which is $417 (excluding taxes/fee). They will pay us on first day of arrival.
          • (Pending) NAD Per Diems 6x$59x6days=$2,124 (Checks will be distributed each day at the conference)
          • State Association President Reception: $35
        • Possibly rent office space at DEAF, Inc.? $700 per month.
  • In the next meeting, I will be providing more detailed reports on donations thru the PayPal, fundraising amounts from DGM, and any other questions you have with the financial report.
  • Board members want to see a Balance Sheet for each Treasurer’s Report.


Secretary Report

  • Lori Novak and I are still inputting the MSAD membership applications we got from DGM. That should be completed in the next few weeks so the membership list will be accurate by our next meeting.


Committee Reports 

  • No reports at this time.


[PASSED] 06.2016:15 ACCLIMATION, refer 2015 convention motions to MSAD Committees as noted.

  1. Refer to Education Committee:
    1. Motion 11.2015:06 - MSAD visit Deaf schools every year and give presentation
    2. Motion 11.2015: 07 - Liaison with each Deaf school
  2. Refer to Community Outreach Committee:
    1. Motion 11.2015:08 - MSAD host 3 regional events per year
    2. Motion 11.2015:12 - Social committee
  3. Refer to Ad-hoc Committee:
    1. Motion 11.2015:09 - Taskforce for D/HH substance abuse
    2. Motion 11.2015:13 - Explore possibility of setting up Deaf Club - by VP Operations
    3. Motion 01.2016:03 - Ad hoc committee for NEHD and plan of action
      • Chair Michelle Dunn
        • MCDHH has language assessment evaluation
        • Issue: CDI/DI services needed on-site – how can MSAD help?
  4. Refer to Legislative Committee:
    1. Motion 11.2015:10 - SAC representative
    2. Motion 11.2015:14 - Develop legislative language assessment bill
    3. Motion 11.2015:16 - Provide legislative training to Community
    4. Motion 01.2016:02 - Legislative Committee write overview report on Licensure Bill
  5. Refer to Governance Committee:
    1. Motion 11.2015:11 - Committee reorganization plan
    2. Motion 01.2016:01 - Set up Legislative Committee
    3. Motion 03.2016:10 - Bylaws Committee to change name of VPs (Passed in 2014).
  6. Refer to Finance Committee:
    1. Motion 01.2016:04 - Financial and Audit report due (04/23/16 – Past Due)
  7. Refer to Treasurer:
    1. Motion 03.2016:09 - Remove printer from inventory
  8. Refer to Board:
    1. Motion 03.2016:11 - Delegates/Alternates to NAD and NDEC (Completed).
    2. Motion 03.2016:12 - Work with and support DGM (Completed and on-going)
    3. Motion 03.2016:14 - Board priorities: Youth, Substance Abuse, Social Events, LEAD-K, Deaf Child Bill of Rights
    4. Monitor committee activities
  9. Refer to Executive Committee:
    1. Organizational assessment (Pending)

Future meeting dates accepted

  • August 20, 2016
  • September 24, 2016 (Annual General Meeting) full day
  • January 28, 2017
  • April 22, 2017
  • June 24, 2017
  • September 22-24, 2017 (State Conference)

BJ's challenge

  • BJ Wood challenged each board member to recruit 25 new members. During the DGM event, MSAD got approximately 500 membership applications! Success!


501c3 reinstatement

  • Pending

Request from Laura Peters

  • MSAD received a request to sponsor two children to go to Camp Isabella. The total request was for $1,850.


[PASSED] 06.2016:16 MOTION by BJ Wood, seconded by Lena Laferriere, MSAD is unable to help Ms. Peters’ two children to go to Camp Isabella at this time because we do not offer camp scholarships.

Legislative Strategy 

  • BJ Wood will work with Adrian Redding in the fall to prepare for next Legislative session
  • Joe Toledo, Lena Laferriere, Katherine Lees, and Michelle Dunn were a great help at the statehouse talking to legislators.
  • Showing up in person and making a personal connection makes a difference.


[PASSED] 06.2016:17 MOTION by LeWana Clark, seconded by Michelle Dunn, for the Legislative Committee to host a legislative training during Fall general meeting. This will satisfy Motion 11.2015:16.

Plans for Fall General meeting – September 24, 2016

  • Deferred to next Board meeting on August 20, 2016.


Free membership running out in September

  • Referred to Vice-President of Operations and Secretary to suggest pricing plans at each membership level during next Board meeting on August 20, 2016.


Sears Endowment

  • Referred to President and Secretary to follow up.


Media Committee

  • Committee needs to meet and straighten out who is responsible for the MSAD FaceBook and Twitter pages.
  • Committee needs to clarify who is responsible for updating the website
  • Committee needs to make sure MSAD can set up email blasts


NAD Presidential Candidate


[PASSED] 06.2016:18 MOTION by BJ Wood, seconded by Katherine Lees, MSAD Delegates to NAD will endorse Presidential candidate Melissa Draganac-Hawk.



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