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Board Minutes

Approved Board Minutes - March 5, 2016

Board Minutes on March 5, 2016 in Walpole, Massachusetts

Submitted by Secretary LeWana Clark

MSAD Board Meeting

March 5, 2016 in Walpole, Massachusetts

Submitted by Secretary, LeWana Clark


10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Walpole Library, 143 School Street, Walpole, Massachusetts





  • President: Andrew Veith


  • Vice-President of Operations: Katherine Lees


  • Vice-President of Public Relations: Stephanie Hakulin


  • Treasurer: Branic Keltz


  • Secretary: LeWana Clark


Elected Members



  • Michelle Dunn


  • Jonathon LeJeune


  • Lena Laferriere


  • Sean O’Brien


  • Joe Toledo


  • Ashley Thompson





  • BJ Wood



Call to order 10:20 am


Approval of Board minutes – January 23, 2016

  • Approved


Oath of office

  • BJ Wood
  • Jonathon LeJeune


Board connecting with Community

  • Board members need to keep connections and information flowing with local Deaf organizations.
    • Thanks to BJ Wood for organizing the tremendous turn out at the Legislative Ways and Means hearing yesterday at the State house
      • Approximately 87 people showed up
      • We need to prepare if nothing changes with MCDHH budget
      • Share the work so none of us get burned out
      • It’s is always a challenge to keep momentum going
      • Listen to the community
      • Communicate
        • Vlogs need to have translations so non-ASL users understand our message
        • Create a new thread for each topic
        • Use YouTube as email attachment
    • Work with Community members about sharing their personal stories (good and bad) and prepare for each Legislative committee who has separate hearings. We need to prepare and participate in each of the special days at the State house.
      • Relate personal stories to specific line item
      • Catchment area concept hurts Deaf services
      • DHILS
      • Elderly services
      • Deaf-Blind services
      • Deaf people with mental illness
      • Other statehouse days – set up notifications
        • Independent Living Education Day – March 10, 2016
        • Deaf-Blind Awareness Day – March 30, 2016
        • Deaf & Hard of Hearing Constituents Annual Day – April 28, 2016
        • Deaf Grassroots Movement Day – May 4, 2016
    • MSAD needs to collaborate with other organizations
      • President Veith has been invited to serve on the Disability Policy Consortium Executive Committee
        • Need other MSAD representative
      • Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA)
      • MCDHH Statewide Advisory Committee (SAC)
      • Other non-profit organizations that serve Deaf people?
  • Posting official communications, including minutes, timely.
    • Draft Board minutes within 48 hours.
    • Approval by next meeting.
  • People are starving for social events.
    • Review the 2001 survey by Heather Harker
      • Good report but very little has resulted from it
      • John Pirone wrote a recommendations report
    • Start off with a BBQ - traditionally held at the New England Homes for the Deaf
    • Board meeting in different regions PLUS social events
      • Western Mass – perhaps meet at Willie Ross School
    • Share contact names for potential events with Stephanie Hakulin
    • Attend other social events and bring the MSAD booth
      • Be more visible in community
      • MSAD has booth board that can be updated for each event
    • Should organizations using MSAD’s bank account host one event per year?
      • Deaf bikers
      • Evo baseball
      • Boston Latino Association Deaf
      • Youth Ambassador Program
  • Local Coffee Chats
    • Keep people updated about MSAD via Facebook
  • Proposed Bylaws and PPG will be posted on Goggle drive for the new board to use as a guide (prior to approval).
    • Add Bylaws and PPG to agenda for the next general meeting
  • Office Space
  • DPC office space does not have a lockable file cabinet
  • We are looking for different office space
  • We need to clean out storage unit




Family Sign Language Program

  • After attending the bidder’s conference, President Veith decided we are not ready yet to run this program.

MSAD Printer

  • The printer is worth about $700 and the estimated cost of repairs is $700.


[PASSED] MOTION 03.2016:09 by Sean O’Brien, seconded by Lena Laferriere, MSAD will remove the MSAD printer from our inventory.


Future meeting dates

  • Need new date for Western Mass
    • Perhaps meet at Willie Ross
  • June 25, 2016
  • September 24, 2016 (Annual General Meeting) full day
  • January 28, 2017
  • April 22, 2017
  • June 24, 2017
  • September 22-24, 2017 (State Conference) two days
  • Perhaps MSAD will host a Community Event following each Board meeting

Set up Committees (Chairpersons):

  • Katherine will post Vlog to find chairpersons/committee members and set deadline so members know how quickly to respond.
  • All Board members should also join a committee.
  • Audit Committee (Board Liaison: President Andy Veith)
  • Finance Committee (Board Liaison: Treasurer Branic Keltz)
  • Membership Committee (Board Liaison: Secretary LeWana Clark)
  • Legislative Committee (Board Liaison: President Andy Veith)
    • Chair - Adrian Redding, Chair
    • BJ Wood - Mentor
  • Community Committee (Board Liaison: Vice-President of Public Relations Stephanie Hakulin)
  • Media Committee
    • Chair – BJ Wood
  • Ad hoc Committee - Action Plan Committee (Board Liaison: President Andy Veith)
  • Ad hoc Committee - Language and Education Committee (Board Liaison: President Andy Veith) 
  • Policy Committee (Board Liaison: Vice-President of Operations Katherine Lees)
    • Chair – Ashley O’Niell
      • Bylaws and Policy and Procedures Guidelines (PPG)
      • Propose change from Vice President of Public Relations to Vice President of Community Relations
        • Clear role that includes community connection and social events
        • Remove the affiliate rate and move to PPG


[PASSED] MOTION 03.2016:10 by BJ Wood, seconded by Joe Toledo, Board instructs the Bylaws Committee to change the name of Vice President of Public Relations to Vice President of Community Relations.




Tax ID

  • We need to inform the organization ‘borrowing’ our tax ID that we are no longer 501c3 (working to restore)
      • Can help restore 501c3 status
      • Meeting with Charles Sterling on Monday
    • Need file tax returns since 2010
    • Branic still waiting for excel file from past Treasurer
    • Need to restore ASAP
      • Ask DPC to use their 501c3 until we get our status back – AV ask - reminder


NAD and National Deaf Education Conference (NDEC) delegates/alternates

  • We need to pick our NAD delegates/alternates. The number of delegates we can send depends on our membership numbers as of December 31, 2015: 1 delegate per 100 members.
  • Delegates obligated to attend and participate in business meetings
  • MSAD can send priorities or motions to NAD
  • MSAD can fundraise to send delegates to Region One caucus and NAD
  • Region One priorities
    • LEAD-K
    • Deaf child bill of rights
      • MSAD needs to determine if any amendments are needed
      • MSAD should sit with the Department of Education to get their buy in
    • DGM letter of support
  • Discussion
    • It will cost approximately $2,000 per person to send to NAD (flight, hotel, and per diem). Registration is free except for the evening activities.
    • We need to do fundraising to cover the delegate/alternate costs. Maybe host a Deaf day at Pawsocks.
    • Interested individuals:
      • NAD - Joe Toledo
      • NAD - Lena Laferriere
      • NAD Delegate - Adrian Redding – community member
      • NAD - Stephanie Hakulin
      • NAD - Branic Keltz
      • NAD - Katherine Lees
      • NAD - Sean O’Brien (maybe)
      • NDEC - Ashley Thompson – educational advocate
        • Secretary Clark will do survey to determine who will be delegates and who will be alternates (start survey by March 11, 2016)
    • Delegates/alternates will get training
    • NAD business is scheduled for 2 days so delegates can attend workshops
    • President Veith is going to NAD for other work
    • We should do a Vlog to encourage community members to go to NAD


[PASSED]. MOTION 032016:11 by Branic Keltz, seconded by Katherine Lees. MSAD will pay $1,000 stipend for each delegate supported by fundraising efforts to go to NAD 2016.

  • [PASSED] REPLACEMENT MOTION by Sean O’Brien, seconded by Stephanie Hakulin. MSAD will make hotel and flight arrangements and pay per diem for each delegate/alternate. NAD registration is free. If delegate/alternate/educational advocate wants to attend evening events, they pay for it on their own.
  • [PASSED] AMENDMENT by LeWana Clark, seconded by Joe Toldeo. Insert - up to 4 delegates and 2 alternates.
  • [PASSED] AMENDMENT to AMENDMENT by BJ Wood, seconded by Lena Laferriere. Insert – Also send 1 educational advocate to NDEC 2016.


Deaf Grassroots Movement


[PASSED] 03.2016:12 MOTION by Ashley Thompson, seconded by Lena Laferriere, MSAD to work with and support DGM.


[PASSED] 03.2016:13 MOTION by Branic Keltz, seconded by Lena Laferriere, MSAD will purchase 500 T-shirts to support the Deaf Grassroots Movement (DGM).


  • Discussion
    • President Veith will lead this activity
    • MSAD needs DGM’s approval to use their design on the T-shirts
    • DGM logo on front with MASSACHUSETTS (follow Oklahoma T-shirts)
    • MSAD logo on back
    • Make sure T-shirt color good for Deaf-Blind people
    • Fundraising opportunity – sell DGM shirts
    • Options are to sell or give away the T-shirts.
      • If we get private donations then we can give the T-shirts away.
        • BUT since our 501c3 status is expired, the donations can’t be used as a tax write off.
      • If we sell the T-shirts, MSAD can earmark the money for DGM.
    • We can donate supplies that we have on hand to support DGM.
    • NAD is encouraging State Associations to collaborate with Grassroots Movement.
    • We could purchase a large sign they can display during rally/protest
    • We could also provide water for their rally/protest events
    • Our collaboration with DGM could be model for other State Associations
    • DGM goals: Education, Communication, Jobs


MSAD Priorities 2016-2018

  • Items for discussion will be addressed on email/Google docs/doodle.
    • Vision, Goals, and Priorities (discussion from Symposium/Survey)
      • Youth
      • Substance Abuse communication access services
      • Social events (includes Deaf club)
      • NAD Region 1 Priorities
        • LEAD-K & Deaf Child Bill of Rights


[PASSED] 03.2016:14 MOTION by Joe Toledo, seconded by Stephanie Hakulin, MSAD Board accepts the priorities (Youth, Substance Abuse, and Social Events) identified at the 2015 MSAD Symposium and NAD Region 1 (LEAD-K & Deaf Child Bill of Rights) as Board priorities for the 2016 to 2018 term.


Homework for the next meeting

  • Get the committees up and running!!


MSAD now has a phone number: 508 261 5264 (VP)


Board challenge

  • Each Board member to recruit 25 new members. BJ will donate a prize.


Adjourn 2:50 pm

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